Thursday, August 16, 2007

Secrets Safe with Professional Nannies, Unlike Subject Of New 'Diaries' Movie

The new movie "The Nanny Diaries(C)" has the founder of the first and only English nanny school in America a bit perturbed about how nannies are portrayed.

The movie, based on the 2002 novel by Emma McLaughlin and Nicola Kraus, deals with the caretaker of the child of a bossy, socialite mother and a businessman father who has a roving eye for other women.

Sheilagh Roth, founder and executive director of the English Nanny & Governess School in Chagrin Falls, OH, says, "Professional nannies -- those trained for the role of nurturing and rearing children through childhood -- would never, never tattle about what goes on in the personal lives of her employers."
Mrs. Roth's school, founded in 1984, features such specific subjects as creative play, self defense, nutrition, child development, travel safety, cultural enrichment, etiquette, and even techniques to evade the paparazzi.

"We don't want movies such as this one to frighten parents from hiring a professional nanny, thinking that their family secrets will be exposed," she says. "Our nannies sign contracts and swear vows of confidentiality when accepting positions."

The school's graduates work throughout the United States with high-profile families.
Here is Mrs. Roth's list of Nanny "No-No's" for Employers:

1. Respect: Don't treat nannies as live-in slaves. They are
professional child-care experts, not housekeepers, maids, or family
chefs. Verbal abuse is not tolerated.

2. Duties: Don't expect them to be on call 24/7. Duties outside of
normal hours are considered overtime. Nannies sign contracts spelling
out duties, benefits, and compensation.

3. Authority: Don't allow other family members to give orders. Nannies
report directly to the heads of the household.

4. Privacy: Don't discuss the nanny's private life. Nannies are trained
to be discreet about your family matters and expect the same courtesy.
Nannies should have separate and private living quarters.

5. Communication: Don't abdicate child development responsibility. Open
dialogue is essential for discussing the child's developmental

6. Vacation: Don't automatically expect the nanny to accompany the
family on vacation. Expect to pay for travel and overtime.

7. Exclusivity: Don't expect the nanny to baby sit for your friends or
relatives, too.

8. Clean-Up: Don't expect your nanny to clean up after your parties or


English Nanny & Governess School, Inc.

Monday, August 13, 2007


Homesight Monitoring Systems Make Safeguarding Your Child Easy

When families need to choose a home monitoring system, the choices can be overwhelming. According to Deborah Smith, President of Parents with Nannies Inc , the decision doesn’t have to be difficult. In the past, families often relied on home-taping systems. Instead, Smith encourages real-time viewing technology, such as the Homesight system from Xanboo.

“We’ve never endorsed a video-taping situation because we don’t believe that children should be put in harm’s way until Mom or Dad get home,” says Smith. In other words, the goal shouldn’t be to catch a nanny in the act.

Instead, Smith urges the use of real-time systems that are out in the open. Just like professionals in other industries, she notes, most nannies are comfortable with being monitored -- as long as they know about it. As one nanny remarked, “By being open to nanny candidates about the home monitoring system, it will freak out the bad apples and please the professionals.”

The easy-to-install Homesight system provides users with real-time video feeds from their computer, cell phone, or PDA. In addition to helping parents monitor a childcare provider, the Homesight system helps users keep an eye on pets or teens. “It’s also a great way for families to stay connected while Mom or Dad is away on business,” Smith says.

Homesight video feeds are 100% secure. While most wireless video cameras send signals to a nearby base station, making them vulnerable to interception, the Homesight system sends its feeds via power lines directly around the home.

Visit to learn more about this terrific new product for nanny employers.