Wednesday, May 30, 2007

New "Who's Your Nanny?" show, looking for Nanny Host.

My name is Sue Skinner and I am the Casting Director for the NANNY HOST for the weekly national television series entitled, WHO'S YOUR NANNY?
WHO'S YOUR NANNY? is being produced by Summerhill Entertainment, for Alliance Atlantis' SLICE network,

The NANNY HOST is a paid position.

The HOST, an experienced and accredited nanny, 28-45, drives this series. She is a distinct character in her own right and brings credibility and authority to her position. In each episode she oversees the process as three nannies are put through their paces with various childcare challenges to determine which of the three would be the best nanny for one specific family. The jobs are prestigious and so the positions are highly desired by these nannies.

The NANNY HOST is vibrant, has a sense of humour and is entertaining to watch. She is highly opinionated with insights on parenting and childcare. She engages in her 'tell it like it is' manner, leaving viewers wanting to come back for more. Her no nonsense tough love approach is merciless when necessary, but balanced by a sympathetic warmth that shows her compassion and understanding.

The NANNY HOST can interact naturally and can confidently provide succinct assessments.

I am presenting NANNY CANDIDATES' photos, BIOS/resumes and video to Summerhill Entertainment and Alliance Atlantis on June 6th and so am hoping to hear from interested nannies as soon as possible.

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I look forward to hearing from you.
Most sincerely,
Sue Skinner
Casting Director-CDC
SMS Concepts Ltd.
5 Allister Avenue
Toronto, ON.