Monday, July 16, 2007

AZ Nanny “Dream Team” donates time to Parents of Sextuplets

Phoenix, AZ – For parents Jenny and Bryan Masche, having six babies─Bailey, Blake, Cole, Grant, Molly and Savannah, aka the Masche Miracles─born 10 weeks premature on June 11, was a dream come true. Little did they know that another dream was about to enter their lives in the form of four career nannies and newborn care specialists--the self described “Baby Dream Team.”

“When a family of multiples needs extra help and can’t afford the expense of professional child care, we like to step in and donate our services,” said Tonya Sakowicz, newborn care specialist and long-time nanny to triplets. When Sakowicz of Phoenix, Arizona heard about the Masche Miracles, she gathered her Baby Dream Team of newborn care specialists─Lisa Stipe of Arkansas, Cortney Gibson of Indiana, and Clelie Bourne of Kentucky─and the ladies flew to Arizona to meet with the family and grandparents. The ladies are all members of the International Nanny Association, an educational resource association dedicated to promoting quality in-home child care.
To ensure voluntary efforts are coordinated, the dream team is creating a Masche Miracles Volunteer’s Handbook for families and friends who will time to care for the babies. The handbook will cover issues such as hygiene, sleep techniques, maintaining family confidentiality, and more. The team will also create a daily log book to keep track of the babies’ eating, medication, diapers, and sleeping patterns. “Our goal is to have one of the newborn specialist at the house when the babies come home, which should be by the first week of August,” offered Sakowicz. There are several Arizona-based newborn care specialists with experience caring for twins who will work with the Baby Dream Team. Sakowicz believes this opportunity will not only help the family, it will also provide a great learning experience for the local newborn care specialists.

Sakowicz and her team members have contacted the vendors they use and asked them to donate products for the babies. “We’ve had such a great response. These babies are going to get some of the best baby products on the market.” Some of the donors include: Miracle Blankets, Babysense 5 Monitor, Aden and Anais Swaddling Blankets, Doctor Brown Bottles, sound machines from HomeMedics, and Inch Bug, “bumpy name labels.”

For more information on the Mashe Miracles and how to donate, visit

INA is a nonprofit organization that was established in 1985. It is an educational association for nannies and those who educate, place, employ, and support professional in-home child care providers. Membership is open to those who are directly involved with the in-home child care profession including nannies, nanny employers, nanny placement agency owners, nanny educators, and providers of special services related to the nanny profession.

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